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A Marketing Toolkit for Early Years Providers

We have designed a "Step by Step Guide to Marketing"  for Day Care Nursery Managers and Childminders to help them in their role as marketing managers. It contains all the main principles of marketing, in a non jargon format explaining how to approach the role of marketing -planning, design and print strategies in five easy to read sections. It has been supplied to the Families Information Services in Northumberland County Council, Tees Valley and Sandwell in Birmingham. Each version has been carefully branded with the corporate identity of each Local Authority and used as a training tool for managers of settings and childminders to help them operate more as commercial businesses in the Early Years sector.

The Contents of the "Marketing Toolkit"   include the following sections :


  1. Planning For Success

   Setting business goals/objectives

   The importance of researching


   Understanding a target audience

   Considering marketing options

   The advantages/disadvantages

   in elemtents of  "The Marketing Mix”

   2. Organising Your Marketing

   How to write a marketing plan for

   a business .

   Why it is important to have a

   marketing plan

   The key elements of a

   marketing plan 

      3. Creative Marketing

      How to establish a strong

      corporate identity and message

      How to establish a strong 

      brand identity

      Establishing brand values

      How to write good selling content

      or your marketing material

      How to design an

      eyecatching poster

      How to design a good

      selling media

      advertisement and book

      it in local media.

      How to write a newsletter


      How to write a press release

      How to write a sales letter

      An introduction to printers and how

      to obtain competitive print quotes .

         4. Evaluating /Controlling 


            Setting budgets

            Recording expenditure

            The importance of

            keeping a portfolio

           5. Useful local contacts   

             Review an ideal 

             marketing yearplanner


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